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May:Haidilao was awarded the “China’s Well-known Trademark” by the StateAdministration for Industry & Commerce of China.

January:Zhang Yong, President of HaiDi Lao, was selected as “ Cheung Kong Person of the Year”

October: Beijing Vegetable Plantation was completed

December: Zhang Yong, President of HaiDi Lao, was awarded as “APEC Innovative Person of the Year”

December:Haidilao was awarded as the“Growth Model of the Year”.


May:Haidilao was voted as “Top 500 Selected Enterprises ofChinese Enterprise Informatization2008”.


September:Haidilaorankedas No. 1 “Top Ten Growing Companies in China’s Catering Chain Industry”.

October:Haidilao was awarded as “AAALevel Credit Enterprise” by Enterprise Credit Rating

November:Haidilao was awarded as “Beijing Top Ten Hot PotRestaurants”

In  October 2008, Haidilao was awarded the “AAA Level Credit Enterprise by Enterprise Credit Rating”.

In November 2008, Haidilao was named as one of the “Top Ten Hot Pot Restaurants in Beijing in 2008”.

October:Haidilao was awarded as thewell-known brand in Sichuan Province.

December:Haidilao was awarded as “Mostpotential brand for Sichuan Cuisine”


November: Haidilao became a member ofChina Cuisine Association.

November:Xihe production base was putinto operation

December:Hai Di Lao Hot Pot restaurantopened in Shanghai


March:Hai Di Lao was voted as“Accredited Restaurant” by China Consumer Association.

July:Hai Di Lao Hot Pot restaurant opened in Beijing


November:Hai Di Lao Hot Pot restaurantopened in Zhengzhou


April:  Hai Di Lao Hot Potrestaurant opened in Xi’an


March: First Hai Di Lao Hot Pot restaurant opened in Jianyang, SichuanProvince.