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As an Internet Service Provider, this Web Site does nothave the inspection capacity on piracy and copy illegally. This Web Site shallnot be liable for those infringement on this website. Plagiarists shall beliable for infringement.Ifthe copyright holder can bring evidence to show his warning, this Web Site havethe obligation to remove the allegedly infringing content. If the copyrightholder cannot provide the identification and materials evidencing that theholder has copyright or the holder is authorized to exercise copyright, thisWeb Site shall not be liable for those relevant contents. Contributing works shall be deemed that the author has accepted measuresof this website. This Web Site shall not bear any legal liabilities arisingfrom these measures, including the damages causing from failure to prosecute ainfringement.


The contributor of articleshould be the original author. This Web Site does not use any articlescontributed by substitute, no matter it has indicated the name of the originalauthor or the source of the article. Contributing works shall be deemed thatthe author has authorized this Web Site to deputize forthe copyright of the works, include that authorize this Web Site to struggleagainst infringing acts. If the author does not hope this Web Site deputize forhis copyright, please indicate, “The author will asserted the copyright of thearticle on its own”.


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