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Notice to Members

Effective Date: 10/16/2018

Membership System Renewal Notification

  1. The former membership system has expired, so a new system is hereby launched. The Points in the former membership system will be transferred to the new system. If you are already a member, you may directly sign in with your username and password. There is no need to re-register.
  2. Changes to the new membership system are as follows. For details, see Notice to Members:

In the new system of membership levels and growth, the former One-star Member is converted to Red Member; the former Two-star Member is converted to Silver Member; the former Three-star Member is converted to Gold Member; the former Four-star and Five-star Member are converted to Premium Member.

Member Register

Registration can be completed in the following ways:

1、Haidilao APP

2、Haidilao WeChat Official Account

3、Haidilao Order Pad

Guidelines of Points,Growth Points

Points Description:Points are a statistical code obtained by members when they consume in Haidilao restaurant in mainland China or participate in member activities. Points are not currency. They can only be applied to various events that are regularly or irregularly held in this system to reward members.

Points Rules:

1、When a member has a meal at mainland China Haidilao restaurant, and logs in his or her membership account. Each 1 RMB paid by member is equal to 1 points.

2、The validity period of the points shall not be less than 24 months following their generation, with a maximum period of no more than 25 months. Points generated shall be eliminated at 00:00:00 on each 1st day (local time) of the 25th month after generation.

Notes:1、The validity period of Points shall be calculated from the effective date. 2、All the Points of member which is earned before October 10, 2016, it will become invalid at 00:00:00 on October 9, 2019. Unused Points will be removed from your account at the time of expiry.

Growth Points:

Growth Points = Points accumulated in the last 6 months + Bonus rewarded in the last 6 months;

Growth Points determine your membership levels. It is updated on the first day of each month, counting from the last 6 months. It can not be used in points redeem.

Membership Level Notification

Based on Growth Points gained in the last 6 months, members are divided into four levels, namely Red Member, Silver Member, Gold Member and Premium Member, unless otherwise provided for in downgrade rules.

Red Member (former One-star Member): 0-1999 Growth Points

Silver Member (former Two-star Member): 2000-5999 Growth Points

Gold Member (former Three-star Member): 6000-11999 Growth Points

Premium Member (former Four-star and Five-star Members): 12000 Growth Points & above

Rules for Membership Upgrade

Your membership level will be determined on the first day of each month. If you have gained enough Growth Points in the last 6 months, your membership level will be lifted to the corresponding level.

Rules for Membership Downgrade

Your membership level will be determined on the first day of each month. If you have failed to earn enough Growth Points to maintain the current membership level, you will be downgraded to a lower level. Your membership level will only be downgraded at most once in six calendar months.


1. What can I do if I forget my login password?

Recover your password via the "Forget Password" function under "Login" at the ordering PAD.

2.  How can I modify my personal information and password?

You can log in to your account through the Pad offered at Haidilao branches and change your personal information and password.

3、How can I check my points?

You can log in to your account through the Pad offered at Haidilao branches , click “Points Redeem” - “My Points”.

4. What if the points fail?

You can contact the branch in which you dined on the day, present proof of consumption and the staff will help you make up the points before 12:00 the next day.

5. Can my membership account be used by others?

The membership account and member benefits are limited to the individual member only, and cannot be reassigned, lent or sold. In case such reassignment, lending or sale of an account is verified, the account will be retrieved, restricted for logging-in or banned from use.

6、Can I use my China mainland account points in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other overseas regions’ Haidilao branches?

No, China mainland account points can only be used in China mainland branches. The member points in different country or regions are non-interchangeable.

7、What is Growth Points?

Growth Points is accumulated the total points & number of purchase within the last 6 months.

Growth Points can not be used for purchasing, but only determine your membership levels. You can earn it by following ways:

  1. Dining in Haidilao restaurant in mainland China, you can get 1 points paid for every 1 RMB spent.
  2. Login Haidilao APP, You can get the Points through check-in, complete information, participate in the games, join in community interactive, etc.
  3. Growth Points will be recalculated on the 1st of each month according to the last 6 months. Such as, if you have one time spending record in this month, means that you will get 100 bonus points at next month.

Warm Reminders

1. Subject to legal provisions, the relevant benefits of members, rules and the Notice to Members may be adjusted or modified from time to time, please keep an eye on relevant notices issued.

2. Please keep a careful record of your membership account and password. The member shall assume responsibility for any losses resulting from improper storage.

Rules That Members Shall Comply With

1. Right to use

 (1) The membership service of this system is an individual, non-exclusive and non-transferable using permission under the premise that the members observe the provisions of relevant laws and regulations as well as the Notice to Members. The membership can only be used for non-commercial purposes by members. Without written authorization, no person is permitted to modify, reproduce, publish or distribute this system or use it for any public or commercial purpose in any other way, or use it on any other website, print media, film, television or broadcast, video or audio recording, digital product or any other scope that may infringe upon the copyright of the system. Any unauthorized use may constitute an infringement to copyright and other rights of the system.

 (2) The membership account number and benefits are limited to members only, and shall not be provided to others for use in any other way (including but not limited to assignment, lease, lending, sharing or sales, etc.). Otherwise, the legal consequences and obligations resulting therefrom shall be assumed by the members themselves, and the system is entitled to suspend or terminate the provision of membership service.

2. Non-confidentiality Clause

 (1) Apart from personal identification information, other information provided by members for the system will be deemed as non-confidential and non-proprietary information, and the system will assume no duty of confidentiality or other obligations; when a user registers to be a member, he/she is deemed to agree that the authorized person of the system (including the system) is entitled to use the information.

 (2) Please see the terms of Privacy Policy for more information about the membership privacy policy.

3. Prohibitive Provisions

Members shall observe the following provisions when using this system: (1) Comply with the laws and regulations of People's Republic of China; (2) Refrain from releasing information that may jeopardize national security, undermine national unity, undermine national religious policy, undermine social stability or insulting, defamatory, instigating or obscene information; (3) Bear the civil, administrative or criminal (legal) liability resulting directly or indirectly from a user's behavior; (4) Use the system or its membership account number in compliance with the Notice to Members, and do not use it improperly (such as in cheating, cyber attacks or taking advantage of vulnerabilities within the system).

The system is entitled to delete content that does not comply with the above requirements at its sole discretion, cancel a member's benefits and cancel the membership account number without the consent of the member, and without any obligation to inform the member afterwards.

4. Disclaimer

The system is not obliged to identify content shared or published by members, and such content does not represent the views of the system, but the member shall assume legal liability for such content. Unless otherwise warned or objected to by relevant personnel who present evidence against such above-mentioned content, the system is not obliged to determine if such information shall be deleted.

5. Notification Clause

All changes to member's benefits, rules and the Notice to Members will be announced or reminders will be issued within this system or other official Haidilao methods. Haidilao is not obliged to provide notification via one-to-one short message, correspondence or other forms of notification.

6. Dispute Settlement

Haidilao reserves the ultimate right to interpret this statement, and any dispute arising from this statement or using this system is governed by the laws of People's Republic of China.

Haidilao reserves the rights to adjust the above-mentioned content at any time within the scope prescribed by the law.