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  • Haidilao-Styled Boneless Basa Fish Slice

    Haidilao-Styled Boneless Basa Fish Slice

    Selected Basha fish cultured in the Mekong River Basin of Vietnam is served in this dish. They are quickly peeled and processed into fish fillets in the low-temperature workshops, and then processed in the central kitchen of Haidilao. Without any fish bones and fishy smell, it tastes fresh and tender, and is especially suitable for the elderly and children.

  • Tilapia


    Haidilao selected high-protein, low-cholesterol, low-fat, artificially-fed freshwater fish containing a variety of unsaturated fatty acids is served in this dish. After special seasoning, it tastes tender and is boneless and thornless with an endless aftertaste.

  • Squid Tentacles

    Squid Tentacles

    Selected heads of fresh purple squid and Argentine short-fin squid are served in this dish. After the processes of cutting and quick cleaning according to the size of the squid, it is ensured that the original taste of the product can be perserved. The most recommended boiling time is 1-2 minutes.

  • Thailand Black-Tiger Shrimp

    Thailand Black-Tiger Shrimp

    Only those selected live Black Tiger Shrimps cultured in pure seawater of Thailand and meeting Haidilao's standards both in quality and size are served in this dish. Its astaxanthin content is much higher than that of ordinary shrimp, and the direct steaming and boiling of live shrimp can preserve the freshness to the maximum extent. So when the dish is served, a customer can have a fresh and delicious taste like the shrimps just got caught.