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  • Hot Pot Steak

    Hot Pot Steak

    Hot pot steak is made of cow blade muscle, a kind of tender meat in the center of a cow's shoulder blade, also known as beef oyster. Each cow carries only 3 kilograms of it. A plate of cow blade muscle is served after sevaral complicated processes including unfrezing, decorticating, dividing, slicing, salting, etc. After these processes, it tastes tender, chewy and full of flavor.

  • Fresh Beancurd Stick Made from Three Kinds of Beans

    Fresh Beancurd Stick Made from Three Kinds of Beans

    Selected fesh beancurd made of selected non-GMO soybeans, black beans and green beans are served in this dish with processes of soaking, boiling and peeling off. And through quick-freezing process, the well-placed beancurd will be fresh, refreshing, chewy and rich in both flavor and nutrients.

  • Thailand Black-Tiger Shrimp

    Thailand Black-Tiger Shrimp

    Only those selected live Black Tiger Shrimps cultured in pure seawater of Thailand and meeting Haidilao's standards in quality and size are served in this dish. Its astaxanthin content is much higher than that of ordinary shrimp, and the direct steaming and boiling of live shrimp can preserve the freshness to the maximum extent. So when the dish is served, a customer can have a fresh and delicious taste like the shrimps just got caught.