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Our suppliers, including Shuhai Group, Yihai Group and Jarud Banner Haidilao, have rolled out comprehensive measures on food safety and quality control as well, dedicating to lab tests and unannounced on-site inspections. These three suppliers have set up and strictly abided by standards on food processing, inventory and logistics. We have been overseeing the implementation of these standards. As nonconformities are detected, we will raise requests for rectification, specify the schedule of such rectification, receive rectification reports and re-check rectification results.

We implement strict and well-designed quality control measures for food quality and safety, and regulate the food quality and safety standards of our supply chains and restaurants. More importantly, we carry out thorough inspections on food safety, quality and hygiene. We have special food safety supervisors at our restaurants and launch one-day food safety supervisor campaigns to realize hierarchical and quantitative management of food safety at our restaurants. At Haidilao, we seek to satisfy all the needs of customers and to ensure they have safe food!