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  • Deep-Fried Crispy Pork

    Deep-Fried Crispy Pork

    Selected pork belly is served in this dish. The pork is starched with egg wash and sweet potato powder. The color is golden and it does not taste greasy. Served with dried chili dish or tomato sauce, it has a crispy taste and unique flavor. Boiling it in hot pot is also a wonderful choice.

  • Chinese Fried Dough Stick with Fennel

    Chinese Fried Dough Stick with Fennel

    With fresh fennel and fennel seeds, it has a soft texture and gives you a lasting mouthful of fennel tastes. It has a crispy crust and tastes best while it is hot.

  • Scallion-Flavoured Roti Prata

    Scallion-Flavoured Roti Prata

    The crust is golden and the pie is entwined with layers of filaments. Served with scallions, it gives you a mouthful of crispy and fragrant taste.

  • Fried and Steamed Chinese Mini Bun

    Fried and Steamed Chinese Mini Bun

    The steamed buns are white and the fried ones are golen. Milk powder is added for a rich milk fragrance. The steamed buns taste soft and sweet, and the golden ones are crispy.

  • Egg Fried Rice

    Egg Fried Rice

    The selected rice has a traceable origin. After being elaborately processed, panned, and cooked, the rice is full and bright, with rich aroma and slight sweetness.